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Strategic Co-Operation

projekt_ard and Nevoox Europe

The co-operation between the two companies, projekt_ard and Nevoox Europe, is aimed at developing and expanding their leading position with respect to innovative solutions for the monitoring of interior air quality in passenger ships for both river and ocean cruising.

In this particular market segment, projekt_ard can offer extensive expertise based on many successful partnerships extending over many years with major tour operators and shipping companies involved in this field.
Such tour operators and the passengers on board will benefit immensely from optimal and highly efficient monitoring of the air quality in the cabins of such cruise ships, as well as in the 'public areas' on board.
It is the intention of projekt_ard and Nevoox Euro to work together on this project as partners on an equal footing, who will offer each other as much support as possible in achieving their mutual aims.

By combining the specific resources and know-how of these two companies, projekt_ard will be able to offer solutions relating to air-quality monitoring that are precisely geared to the particular needs and conditions prevailing in this branch of the tourist industry.

In this project, projekt_ard (based in Dielheim, Germany) and Nevoox Europe (based in nearby Mannheim), will be able to underline their capabilities not only in the field of cruising but also in the field of air-quality monitoring with respect to the aerosol detector, ProxiCube, that has been developed by CeMOS (Center for Mass Spectronomy and Optical Spectroscopy) of Mannheim University.

The principal motivation and goal of both companies is to establish the conditions necessary for safe leisure travel on ships and in other forms of transport (e.g., buses) needed to bring passengers to such ships. Both companies are based in the Rhine-Neckar region, as is the development and production of ProxiCube.

Consequently, in the near future, a further important development will emerge from the innovative Rhine-Neckar region: safe leisure travel in cruise ships.

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